Ahmed El Azizi of Innoviom with Firebelly Social Show Podcast

Functional Beverages: Demanding More

Trends in the food and beverage industry usually start with the consumers’ needs in mind. But how do food and beverage brands create functional products that customers want to purchase and keep them coming back for more?

CPG business leader Ahmed El Azizi says it’s all about the taste. When creating products to minimize stress, supplement vitamin intake or boost energy, the first step is to incorporate essential ingredients to achieve the end result. But if the product isn’t tasty, the hard work that goes into producing the product becomes moot.

Listen to this episode of the Firebelly Social Show as Duncan Alney and Arnelle Mitchell talk to Ahmed El Azizi, CEO of Innoviom, about this brand’s mission, and creating delicious and functional foods that help consumers reach their wellness goals. Ahmed discusses popular trends in the CPG space, what functional food is (and why it’s important), and why taste is king when it comes to innovation in the CPG space.

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